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My dear blog, its good to be back.
I missed you.

I had to type that, I think I may have personified my blog, haha!

Somewhere along my break, I got an invitation from the sweetest media rep to do a review on HappiKiddo store launch. Oh boy, was I stoked! I loved browsing through baby stores, you can imagine my excitement when I received her e-mail.

Meet Elaine Chew, the Founder and Managing Director of HappiKiddo, a store by a mum for mums. Such an approachable lady who wore warm smiles throughout the whole day!

Myself, Bubs and Elaine
The workforce needs more of a family friendly ambiance like this moment right here, Elaine and her kids, all together, while she delivers her speech. Pure bliss.

Grand opening speech
It always gives me a little comfort knowing that a baby store such as HappiKiddo is a store by a mum because the design is executed with parents and baby in mind. I'm sure dads would do the same too, but there is just something a little different when a mum is involved, like lavender scents all over the room, hah! Kidding. That would be lovely though. Tee hee.

Established since 2012, HappiKiddo has opened it's fourth store in Quill City Mall, and it's by far the largest. I must be honest, I am not really into big stores/shops. I find it too commercialized and is usually lacking good old warm customer service. Yes, being in the customer service line in the past has risen my expectations in various aspects in my life these days, haha!
However, upon stepping into HappiKiddo, besides being welcomed with courteous staffs, I am glad that it's massive. Really. With over 6000 square feet of baby goodness, I know I will get what I'm looking for or at least a substitute.

I sometimes baby-wear, however most of the time I don't because I do have an issue with my back. A store that is stroller-friendly is important to me, hence I fell in love with its space. The arrangement of goods and walkways are just right.

A snippet of HappiKiddo's layout. Pretty easy maneuvering my stroller.
Photo credit: HappiKiddo
HappiKiddo carries a vast number of both international and local brands.They are the exclusive retailers of RICE, from Denmark. I fell in love with its colorful melamine products which are Bisphenol A and Phthalates free.

I adore that rhino lamp. Comfortably eccentric
Have a look at these little buds. Aren't they the cutest thing? My sis-in-law thinks its a little weird. Well, she might be right, a baby sleeping in a peanut or a snow pea..I don't know man. Tad bit confusing to explain to bubs why is it a baby instead of a peanut in a peanut shell.
Anyhoooos I still think its adorable, plus I'm sure our bubs will learn their veges faster, right?!

These Huggers, I like much too. My English has even left the building.

HappiKiddo houses everything you and your kids need from your pregnancy right up to the precious toddler years. Tanamera confinement packs, nursing attires, travel gear, car seats, educational toys, books, and the list goes on! I'll let the pictures speak for itself now.
Tanamera products. 

Thermal jackets. Got to get these for Bubs, he loves playing in water.
I swear by Earth Mama Angel Baby nappy balm
Skip Hop & Beaba
Board books. Bubs loves flipping through these books, especially the Toilet Time book cause of the sound it make makes when you press the flush button.
Furniture & Strollers section.
Photo credit: HappiKiddo
HappiKiddo has a family friendly cafe right inside the store called Big Daddy Little Chefs. I find it pretty convenient as I can sit and nurse comfortably or just to take a break after all that shopping. They do offer toddler friendly meals with no added MSG or preservatives. I have yet to try it, hence watch out for this space.

My idol (my mummy) and Bubs having a conversation, or something like that. Tee hee
 Bubs doesn't feel like sitting down? Not a problem, off to the kitchen he goes!

Spot the wooden mixer? I almost fainted.
With a minimum purchase of RM20, kids are welcome to use the playground in the cafe. Bubs felt at home immediately, thanks to the familiar pots and pans. In addition to the little kitchen which I really want to get for Bubs, there is a pool of citrus Korean wood-chips where kids can sink their legs in and go all cray cray! Best part, the wood-chips are anti bacterial, it carries a natural scent too.

Keeping a close eye on Bubs, cause the boy will definitely attempt to put the wood-chips in his mouth. I'd say the pool is much more suitable for older toddlers.
Big Daddy Little Chefs Cafe
Photo credit: HappiKiddo
In honor of its biggest store launch, HappiKiddo teamed up with celebrity and mum-to-be, the ever beautiful Elaine Daly.

On its collaboration with Daly, Chew remarked: “We are honoured to team up with Ms. Daly and have her represent our brand. Her solid background and accomplishments reflect the versatility of today’s modern women who are capable of achieving whatever they set their minds on, whether in their career or as a full-time mum.

Let's have cake!
HappiKiddo is conveniently located on the second floor of Quill City Mall, right opposite to AEON. Why do I say convenient? Well it is on the same floor as Kids Paradise (massive play area), private nursing rooms and baby changing rooms (in AEON).

All the more to stop by, yes? Here's another bonus, with every purchase of RM250 and above, you are entitled to a VIB card (Very-Important-Baby, tee hee) which gives you 5% off future purchases and 20% on your birthday month.

I sure do hope this post gives you an idea on what to expect during your visit in HappiKiddo. The following are the addresses of HappiKiddo outlets for when you plan to check it out. Opening hours are from 1000hrs till 2200hrs daily.

      Happikiddo Quill City Mall
Lot No. 2.26 - 2.31, 2nd Floor, Quill City Mall, 1018 Jalan Sultan Ismail, Kuala Lumpur.
+603-2602 1596

Happikiddo Citta Mall 
Lot No. F23-F25, 1st Floor, Citta Mall, Ara Damansara, Petaling Jaya.
+603-7859 9330

      Happikiddo Publika
Lot No. 9 Level UG 1, Publika Shopping Gallery, Solaris Dutamas, Jalan Dutamas 1, Kuala Lumpur.
+603-6206 1830

      Mum Over The Moon
Level G3-49, Publika Shopping Gallery
+603-6211 2258

For their latest updates, have a look at their website or follow HappiKiddo on social media.
·      Web: (our website is currently undergoing a revamp and will be ready soon)  
Instagram: @thehappikiddo
Twitter: @happikiddo

We had such a blast during the launch, thank you for the wonderful experience HappiKiddo.

Kisses of lil peanuts from That Skinny Elephant.

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