Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Solids - Bubba's 8th Month

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Two front teeth are breaking through!
Oh boy!
Teething and the beginning of growth spurt season.
Double trouble.
Bubba's started going through his teething phase again from the 2nd week of his 8th month mark.
I can only imagine what's he is going through, oh gosh.  So I nurse him pretty much the whole night through these days. I'm a zombie most of the time but anything for my little man to feel better.
Surprisingly his apetite is good! I was preparing myself mentally that he might be rejecting food but nope, still excited as ever!
Introduced a couple of solids in the month of November. Even tried making my own cereal using brown rice. I posted the recipe here - Homemade Brown Rice Cereal
I am trying to remember what I've served him so far, there's quite a number of ingredients this month!

High in Protein, Vitamin A & C, Iron, and Calcium
Snow peas, aren't they lovely. Steam the peas, remove it's skin and mash it. Pea skins are a little hard to digest, hence it is advisable to remove it.

Snow Peas/ Snap Peas
It requires some patience removing these peas. Sizes vary from big to small to tiny. If you have the time, prepare a big batch and freeze it. Your very own version of frozen peas, heh.

Much easier to use frozen peas from the supermarket but just so I have a peace of mind of knowing where the peas came from, I chose the tedious path. However, no matter what, avoid the canned peas or canned whatever at all costs! Preservatives and sodium galore in that tin.

Beef broth
High in Calcium, Folate and Iron.
I got a few chunks of beef bones and meat and put it in the slow cooker.

I then added in water, carrots and leek. Boil on 'low' for more than 8 hours.

Pack the broth in little containers and freeze it. Use it as a base when preparing oats, brown rice or soups.
Broths are so good for our lil bubs and us. I need a dedicated blog post to share the benefits of it, hence watch out for this space :)

Egg yolk
High Vitamin A, D, E, Calcium, Iron, Folate and the list really does go on. 
Boiled egg yolk is pretty easy. I just add to any meals I make for Bubs.

Pumpkin & Egg Yolk
The whites of an egg are best to introduce after bubs is one, or even longer if bubs is prone to allergies or have any skin conditions like eczema.

High in Calcium and Protein.
I use fresh yoghurt with no additives or sugar. Perfect for breakfast paired with any fruits.

Pear Puree & Yoghurt

Yoghurt originates from milk, however lactose is broken down during the culturing process. This results in lesser milk proteins which is easier to digest.
Whole milk yoghurt is great for brain and vision development, therefore kindly skip the low fats, heh.

High in folate and Iron.
All you got to do is steam and pureè. Ensure you choose broccoli that are still green. Its not as nutritious once it has yellow patches, applies to most vegetables.

Brocolli & Pear
High in beta carotene.
I started bubs on organic carrots instead of regular carrots because I'm paranoid like that, hahah! Personal choice I would say, but here's a tip if you are on a budget like I am, go for organic if the vegetables and fruits are in the dirty dozen list. The list is updated every year, have a google at it.

Carrots take a little longer to get soft, early prep is a good idea.I steam carrots twice in my Beaba and mix it together with either egg yolk, pumpkin, butternut or brocolli. 
Carrots may constipate. I ensure bubs drinks high amount of water and/or balance their meal with pears, pumpkins, plums or sweet potato, the happy transition bunch, heh.

As you may have noticed, I prefer to steam his food rather than boil. Steaming method retains much more nutrients than boiling. Microwave is out of the story when it comes to bubs food for at least..forever! 

During bubs 8th month, I maintained with abundant fruit and vegetables purees. Introduced my homemade brown rice cereal to bubs when he was approaching his 9th month. Breastmilk was still his primary meal, everything else was complementary.

Till the next tooth pops out, Au revoir!

Kisses of sweet carrots from That Skinny Elephant.


  1. Hey hehe ^^ I must save this down hehe, am gonna start feeding solid food to my lil chunky soon, he's turning 6mo in a couple of weeks. Btw nice meeting u here & on fb hehe

    1. Hie Sebrinah, thank you for dropping by! It's a pleasure to meet you :) Our lil ones grow up so fast yea. All the best with the solid food experiments. It's going to be the most wonderful cutest mess, hahaha! Cheers