Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Solids - Bubba's 6th Month

Oh my Bubba.

Officially going bananas.

I started Bubba on solids when he was 6 months. If you are following my blog, I mentioned that he
hardly took in any. Just enough to taste.

I practised the 4 day rule for every new food that I introduce to him. I believe it's the best way to test for allergies. Most pediatricians and mommas will recommend the 4 day wait rule. Here's a write up
from Momtastic.

With regards to introducing solids, every mother has the right to feed their babies according to what they feel is best.
It's nice to hear mothers sharing their preferences, but sometimes some go a little overboard stating that their way is the right way.
Now, my point here is to share the choices that I have made. It does not mean it's the best but its what I believe is suitable for my boy.
Plus aren't we all here to learn, relate, and share together? What mothers could use from other mothers is support.

Okay, said my peace now steering back to Bubba's solids introduction. Heh.

The following are his first foods. I chose to start him off with fruits and vegetables pureè. I mixed in a little breastmilk to liquify it.

Pureè line up :

Sweet potato pureè + Breastmilk
I thought it was nice and sweet, he thought what in the world is this!!

Mashed Avocado + Breastmilk
He actually had a teaspoon. My gawd that was victory.

Mashed Banana + Breastmilk
Had quite a bit from finger feeding. Not much from a spoon. I'd say he quite liked it.

Pear pureè
Hooo mama..probably a waste of time. Ended playing with the bowl of pureè rather than eating. 

My observations:

  • He wasn't ready to receive food from a spoon. He eats more when fed using my finger tips.
  • If he ate, it would be 1-3 teaspoons. Which is fine because I presume he is still learning to understand the idea that there are other food than the usual breastmilk.
  • He is much more acceptable to the idea of eating about an hour after breastfeeding and when active. I avoid giving him solids when it's approaching nap time (super cranky + food goes everywhere but in his mouth, lesson learned for momma).
  • Accepts the taste and texture of mashed bananas but not quite ready to eat yet.
In between I stopped on and off (1 or 2 days) and reintroduce solids again. I don't want to force him if he's not ready.
To my surprise, in his 7th month, he ate half a bowl of mashed bananas!!!(added a little breastmilk).

I realised all I had to do was be patient and he will show me when he is ready and comfortable with the new idea of solids.

Fascinating isn't it how babies are all created to just 'know' what to do and when.

Instincts.  Powerful tool.

That pretty much sums up the solids experiment for Bubba at his 6th month.

I plan to do some mixing of pureès for his 7th month. Will definitely share it on my next solids post.

Baby Led Weaning on the other hand, has its advantages, but the method is too traumatising for my sanity. Haha.

Happy experimenting to all the mommas who have just started your lil ones on solids!!

My only advice, patience :)

Kisses of sweet potatoes from That Skinny Elephant.


  1. I am so proud of you! I can definitely count on you in future when I have my first child ��

    1. I got your back Soulie! and the mini you when the time comes :) Muaxx!!