Wednesday, 5 November 2014

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During my confinement, I got thinking if my milk was enough for Bubs.

Can you imagine, the feeling of not knowing how much milk is your boy drinking, for all the 100% DL mums.
Plus all that random crying makes you wonder 'Is it because I don't have enough milk??!!'

In the beginning it drove me a crazy.

BUT honestly, I didn't need to know. As long as Bubs was putting on weight, has about 4-6 wet diapers a day and active, I ain't got nothing to worry about.

A few were and are getting worried for me. I say 'don't let the worry, worry you' (a wise quote from my cousin brother) and just keep going.

The on-going crying could be anything from colic, teething, hot, cold, soiled diaper, missing someone, restlessness or they just want to be cuddled.

Some fully breastfed babies are thin. Some are super chubs. Both are normal. Obviously their genes plays a role right?

The only time I started panicking was when I was stocking up breastmilk before heading back to work. The pressure of trying to collect as much breastmilk as possible was driving up the wall.

I was trying to figure out when do I actually pump? If it's before Bubs feeds, will there be any left for him? If it's after Bubs feeds, nothing much is left, plus I got to keep the other boob for his next feed.



These anxious feelings obviously does not help in my supply. Just makes it worse really.

So the first thing I told myself to do was calm down (yeah that was a joke cause by that time I had two weeks left to head back to work,lol!). Then I pumped out what ever that's left after Bubs finished nursing.

I went back to work with only 3 days supply of breastmilk. And it was perfectly fine.
Gradually built up my supply by pumping 3 - 4 times at work. Some days the yield are awesome, some days not so much.

Certain food or drink I'd consumed affected the amount of breastmilk I produce. It might work for you, or it might not. Have a browse and give a try, it's healthy anyway!

Chia Seeds
I add about a teaspoon into my shakes, oats, yogurt or rice. When I was working, I use to mix a teaspoon of Chia seeds in a bottle of water (appx 1.5 litres) to drink throughout the day.

Red Dates & Dried Longans
Love these!!
I use to drink this mix frequently during my confinement as it helps retain warmth in your body.
All you got to do is take a handful of red dates and dried longans, add them in water and boil for an hour or so (Low fire).
Or add them in the slow cooker as an addition to your soups. It produces a sweet flavour.

When purchasing these dried ingredients from your local chinese shop, look for the ones that are not extremely dried. The red dates should look like the picture below, however I think I could do better with the dried longans on my next purchase, tee hee.

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
This is a must have in your kitchen. Extremely versatile, from increasing milk supply (works for me) to prevention of nappy rash. I would have to write up in a different post to share with you how beneficial coconut oil is to your home.

I take, or I should say I try taking a tablespoon a day. I can't really handle the taste of coconut oil by itself, gives me the shivers. Solution? I mix it in shakes, drinks and sometimes cook with it.

Oh yes one more thing, ensure you get the cold pressed version, and preferably organic, Cold pressed oils retains more of its existing nutrients just like cold pressed juices!

Various ingredients affects one's supply, not forgetting pumping frequencies too. Hence I will be sure to keep sharing what increases my production in hopes that it will help you.

All the best and latch on!

Kisses of galactagogues from That Skinny Elephant.


  1. hello! cool, will try to remember the tips in years to come! :p where do you get your coconut oil from??

    1. Heyya Nadia!! tee hee I'm glad! I got it from Country Farm Organics (they have a few branches such as Paradigm Mall and IOI Mall), I think AEON or any other organic shop sells them too.