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Purple Frog Patches at Keiko's Store

Essential oils.
Say it in a whisper, immediate zen effect.
Whispering is kind of relaxing. Maybe thats why my man can't hear what I'm saying half the time. My brain is subconsciously telling me to relax. Apparently I speak softly, but I swear it sounds really loud in my head. Strange.

Anyhoos, yes I drifted of topic, again. We can't be whispering all day long now can we!?

Now let's say this again, Essential oils.
Whoa. Did you feel that? Hahah

I remember when I lived at my own place, I had these little bottles of magic.
A few drops in my candle burner and walla, the mood is set. One of the subtle natural things in life that helps you unwind.

I meet Keiko during HappiKiddo launch. She kindly offered to take a picture for me because I guess it was pretty obvious that I was struggling to take a 'wefie?' with Bubs while carrying him.
Thanks again for that Keiko :)
Keiko's Store

She gave me a few samples of one of the products she has in her online shop Keiko's Store. It was pure essential oil, in the form of patches by Purple Frog. What a brilliant idea!
Can you imagine if I knew about this while I was flying? With its Snooze Button series, I might have actually fallen asleep in the crew bunks during our long haul flights.

These patches contains 100% essential oils. It's about the size of the Malaysian  50 cents coin (I must say I really like the old 50 cent coin, less confusing cause it was pretty obvious it's bigger than the 20 cents!).
Purple Frog Patch Snooze Series

All you got to do squeeze the little patch and stick it anywhere!
But don't be a fool like me and look at it so close while pressing it. You might just get some essential oil in your eye!
Hence read the instructions no matter how excited you are. Yup.

Purple Frog, a brand from Canada, is an idea by two couples passionate about 'keeping it natural'. Sounds like my kinda thing.
The couples behind Purple Frog are advocates in clean living as well as aspiring entrepreneurs. They came up with the use of 100% plant oil patches after their dogs were attacked by a swarm of mosquitoes at a National Park. With the essential oil patch, there's no need to re-apply lotions or spray, plus it's chemical-free and effective.
I am all game supporting sustainable and chemical-free products, which you must already know that by now, hee!

I gave it a little test run in the neighborhood park. Undiluted essential oils gives of a pretty strong effect. Hence I decided to use only one patch which I stuck onto my shorts. The three of us (Bubs, husband and myself) came home bite free! I must say that is quite a risk I took especially knowing the fact that I am a mosquito magnet.
The patch had a pleasant smell to it too, obviously.
Bubs had double protection though, with a spray that we usually carry along with us, cause I am paranoid with dengue cases.

Purple Frog essential oil patches comes in 3 different series. Each set carries 12 patches which are made in Korea. Here's a brief breakdown on its All Natural Essential Oil types;

1. Purple Frog Snooze Button
Primarily Lavender Oil, concoction of orange peel oil, bergamot oil, chamomile oil and ylang ylang oil with sunflower oil base.
Purple Frog Snooze Button

2. Purple Frog Awakening
Primarily Peppermint oil, concoction of eucalyptus oil, rosemary oil, and lemon oil with sunflower oil base.
Purple Frog AirAwakening

3. Purple Frog Insect Shielder (DEET-free Repellent)
Primarily Lemongrass oil and Citronella oil, concoction of cedarwood oil, geranium oil, rosemary oil, peppermint oil, orange oil and lemon oil.
Purple Frog Insect Shielder
DEET free and safe for pets! 
Well I don't have a pet so I can't really confirm say BUT during our walk in the park the monkeys survived. Yes there were monkeys on the park. And no I am not a fan of that particular type of monkeys because they freak me out. 

My thoughts on these patches? 
It is handy to have it while travelling. Instead of lugging your diffuser around, this is much more convenient.
I would say these patches gives an instant aroma-therapeutic relief anywhere anytime. Be it in the office, yoga class, bedroom, parks, bathtub, tents and when you are on your way home in that train jam packed with various after work odours, heh. 
The Insect Shielder (Repellent) patches are safe to stick around kids too, I personally would place on strollers or their backpacks because concentrated essential oils might be too strong for toddlers little nose.

Purple Frog Patches are available for purchase in Keiko's Store, along with other unique baby products which I will be reviewing in the coming weeks. Definitely a space to watch out for yes!

Purple Frog are a member of 1% for the planet. That basically means, with every purchase you make on these patches, 1% from the Purple Frog's annual income goes to ongoing environmental projects and/or initiatives. For further reading about 1% for the planet or if you are interested in becoming a member, have a look at One Percent for the Planet.

To learn more about Keiko's Store and her products, be sure to follow her on Facebook for the latest updates.

Along with other goodies Keiko's Store has, these patches are available for purchase online or at the following stores;
2. Camomile Spring in Bangsar Village II 
3. Baby Land in SS2
4. Chubby Chubby in Desa ParkCity

I hope you enjoyed reading my review as 
much as I enjoyed getting my aromatherapy on with some plant oils, hah!

Kisses of lavender scent from That Skinny Elephant.

This post is not sponsored however samples were given for review.

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