Monday, 8 June 2015

Black Milk Project Raya Collection

Here's a confession.

I have been stalking a mother on Instagram.

A mother who happens to be a very talented illustrator and designer for Black Milk Project, her very own canvas.

Photo credit:Black Milk Project
I was thinking to myself, since I have this platform, why not showcase Black Milk Project to all my lovely readers! Everyone has got to see her work, yes yes!
(If you are wondering why do I keep saying yes yes a couple of times in my posts, it's simply because I've watched Lisa Nichols videos one too many times, haha!!) 

After a few weeks of figuring out what to say, writing, scrapping it off and then re-writting again, then saving it in my draft folder (you get the drift) I decided to go for it and sent her an email. I kept delaying because I was trying to maintain 'I'm really a big fan but I don't want to end up sounding like a stalker' tone in a professional manner.
She replied! Yes she did, tee hee. 

Ms Wei Tieng, the founder of Black Milk Project, is one upbeat mummy, as she puts it  "who loves all things whimsical and quirky". By looking at her designs, I totally agree!!

The sweetest wife and husband duo, Wei Tieng & Thomas

All hail BabyCruz!!
Photo credit:Black Milk Project

Her son, BabyCruz, fuels her artsy hands. How adorable is he? Babies are one of the most precious inspirations you'll ever get. I personally believe so. They make you as dreamy and imaginary as they are until you come to a point and say why not?
Why not I do what I love and be merry.

Wouldn't the world be a better place if everyone did what they love. I feel like I'm going to break into a song.

I'm pretty tone deaf. It's not even funny.

Black Milk Project's mama does just that. She loves designing and BabyCruz drives her passion further. She has been doodling his pictures since he was born. Black Milk Project's Instagram has loads of BabyCruz's doodles, do check it out. She even has videos of her art in progress, it's only a few seconds but I love watching it coming to live.

That face!!! BabyCruz
Photo credit:Black Milk Project
There're plenty of companies designing customized rompers and tees out there, what is it about Black Milk Project that I love?
Besides the fact that I fully support mums who are trying to break from the office working cycle aka Mummypreneurs, Wei Tieng's designs are from the heart and some are even hand drawn.

Wei Tieng aims to have her designs fully hand drawn in the future. Currently Black Milk Project offers both printed and hand drawn pieces. You are free to brainstorm with her if you'd like your own design or choose one of her existing prints. 

Now let's talk Raya!!! 
I'm not a Malay, but I am a Malaysian.
A true Malaysian who loves celebrating wonderful festivals that we are blessed with from the ALL the different cultures in our very rojak land, hee.

With ketupats and pelikats in abundance, I'd like to introduce Black Milk Project Hari Raya Collection, featuring Encik Kuching!
Too cute. I swear.

Photo credit:Black Milk Project

So unique. Her designs have so much character, even the little ketupat is a smiley weave!

Photo credit:Black Milk Project

Bring on the green packets!!
Photo credit:Black Milk Project

These Jawi printed tees are one of my favorites. Simplicity at its best.

Photo credit:Black Milk Project
See what I mean about passion driven business?! All the effort in little details and personality on each design. 

Black Milk Project has a variety of customizable prints, from kids rompers & tees, adult tees, tote bags, head gear (a very cute knitted crown which you have to check it out!!) and the latest, plushies!

Get in touch with them at Black Milk Project and follow them on their Facebook & Instagram for the latest updates and cute doodles!

That's not all folks, Wei Tieng is extending a 10% discount code for all of my lovely readers on any purchase of Black Milk Project items!!

Just type in the discount code below upon check out in Black Milk Project. Offer is valid till the 30th of June 2015.

Enjoy browsing through their witty designs, and be sure to say Hi to Encik Kucing ;)

Thank you Black Milk Project for being a sport!

Salam Lebaran.

Kisses of ketupats from That Skinny Elephant.

*This is not a sponsored post. 

Photo Credit:Black Milk Project

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