Thursday, 12 February 2015

I ain't going nowhere!

It's 0300hrs.
Can't sleep.
My head is on overdrive.
Only because I was woken up by mosquito bites. Mama forgot to put on some repellent you see.
Dang mosquitoes.
The first thing my brain tells me when I wake up, no matter what time, is that I'm hungry.
Suddenly I'm starving.
Pointless going back to sleep now, got to get my grub on first.
Hot milo and oat biscuits. That should do it, at 3 in the morning.
Now of course I start thinking about Marcus's birthday party. A mix of panic and excitement as the day draws in closer. Trying to calm myself down because I have not started with the deco crafts yet. Plus being a fickle pickle doesn't help. Keep changing my mind with new ideas.
I should do it now instead of blogging yea.
But we live in a small house, the noise of getting the supplies out might just wake the sleeping giant and bubs.
Big no no.
To help me take my mind off ideas zooming in my head like the golden snitch buzzing around during a game of quiddich, I shall take this time to browse through my blog.
Boy has it been quiet!
One zombie post to shooo the crickets I say!
To my dear readers, if any, hahaha, you must be wondering why are there crickets on my page. Or maybe you are not even wondering BUT I want to explain it anyway. Heh.
My blog will be on pause till April this year. Been missing in action. Well mama realised that she should chill a little and not handle tooooo many things at a time. There's my dear Bubs of course, my other baby (the husband), banana cakes orders, Christmas gatherings, Bubs birthday planning and we have been constantly moving in and out of the house.
I sure do miss blogging though.
One of the very few things that keeps me sane.
So much to say. So much to say.
Loads to update on, especially on Bubs food. It's not as simple as his early months preps where I steam and pureè his meals. Now it's more like an exploration of recipes with different textures. He likes picking up food bits and feeding himself (and throwing it on the floor, wall, table, chair, any pretty furniture, yes you get my drift). Which explains why he doesn't enjoy pureès or porridge the past weeks. It could be due to teething too.
We discovered that the boy likes bread.
Oh man.
I told myself I have got to make my own. Try my best to provide him food from home, so I got a breadmaker a week ago!
Whoaaaa I'm excited. But it's still in the box. I don't know where to put it. It's pretty big. Takes up space on the counter top which has a microwave (I'm going to get rid of this...eventually), rice cooker, slow cooker, magic bullet and Beaba babycook.
Maybe I'll bake breads in the guest room?Hah!
I should stop now.
I still have so much to say and share.
The story of our gated Christmas tree and Bubs. Yes, gated.
Bubs birthday party planning. My very first event management hahaha!
Let's see what happens.
If it works out, I'll blog it.
If there was too many shortfalls, I'll still blog it because in years to come I can laugh about it with Bubs.
Note I said years. I won't laugh about a few months later, besides occasionally blacking out, I'll be pretty depressed lol.
Ok. Yes stopping.
Happy Friday!!
Kisses of sweet dreams from That Skinny Elephant.
Stopped. Heeee

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