Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Nursing Outfits 01

What's your take on nursing wear here in Malaysia or any where really? 

I find it really difficult to put on outfits embracing my personality. The nursing wear I have come across is simply, *hmm let's see how do I be gentle with this*...not my style.

As a breastfeeding mother, (*DL 90% of the time), I must and should feel like the woman I was before I delivered (with some extra added kilos for those abundant cuddles and maybe, just maybe, a little wiser too). Therefore amongst other randoms bytes, I'd like to share various outfits that complements me and my breastfeeding journey.

A little bit about my style, past and present.
The word is Simple. Most of the time you will probably find me in a baby tee or a plain sleeveless top paired with jeans or shorts. I usually put on one loud item on me, either my shoes, handbag or accessories. I'm not a fan of too many things, it'll just get messy.

Now with breastfeeding, I void all accessories. Firstly because its safer for Bubba, second, I ain't got the time. Will be lucky if I get to comb my hair.

I used to be one of those girls who doesn't even need to carry a handbag at times. Just the pockets in my jeans was enough or a small pouch. At present I could carry a suitcase. Cute handbags are out of the story now, I carry Bubba's stuff, so whatever fits,.unless my man is out with me, then Bubba's stuff goes on his back.

Okay I'm going off track here, back to the nursing outfits.
I try to utilise what I already have, because I have too many clothes. Too many. No idea how it came to this state. Come to think about I mostly own loads of tees, lol. To give you an idea:-

One of my favourite tees. A souvenir from 'Priscilla, Queen of The Desert' broadway show in Toronto.

I've given away three bags of clothes and stored a few of my favourites because tees aren't really breastfeeding friendly, unless you pull it up from the bottom. I find it uncomfortable. So, tees, vacuum packed, sealed tight and fresh to use in....maybe 2 years time? If it still fits heh.

These days, its mostly tank tops and dresses. I will post a picture of what I wear, weekly, most likely monthly (haha depends how exhausted I am), in hopes that it may inspire your outfit for the day.

To start of, here's a dress which I bought from Factorie a few months ago. Simple flirtatious dress where you can easily push the sleeves down to the side and nurse! Easy I say. Plus, the monochrome prints are gorgeous!



I have a number of dresses in this cut and with different prints. I find it versatile and convenient, what about you?
Considering the tropical weather in this Malayan Peninsular, these dresses are a must have for me, nursing or not.
I must add that I usually use a nursing cover so I don't feel too bare. If you feel comfortable without a cover thats even better! Nice and breezy for your little one.

I admire mothers who nurse in public without a nursing cover. You have my full support because its such an amazing experience and stand that you are sharing to the public.
We are all a part of normalizing breastfeeding with or without a nursing cover. I believe its the idea of breastfeeding that I'd like to share out there not how I do it because every mother has her own preferences.

Why do I use a nursing cover? It's just a personal choice. Not because I'm embarrassed (thats the last thing really), I'm just shy by nature. Plus I hardly had boobies before, now that I got some, I'm not quite sure what to do with it, hah!

Till the next tip, go on and get flirty. 

Kisses of twinkling stars from That Skinny Elephant.

For the masses;
*DL - Direct Latch : thats when a baby nurses directly from your boobies. no bottles :)