Monday, 13 October 2014

My February

There I was staring blankly at this little person.
Not quite sure what to think. For the first time in my life I was completely Zen.
This is just wonderful.

Just hours before that, I haven't even gotten over the fact that I was pregnant, next thing you know, I'm on my way to the hospital, (yes epidural please), and pushing!
Whoaa. Overwhelmed.

A few hours after delivery. Bliss
Yes I had about 40 weeks to register the fact that I was expecting but trust me, it wasn't enough, especially when it's a surprise. 

Sometimes I think to myself, maybe that's why I had induced labour.  My Bubba was all excited to come out, (with the constant somersaults in my belly), fully engaged and ready. My body on the other hand was not.

I did not even experience Braxton Hicks or contractions. So for me, all the pain came at one go.
No no it's not a good thing. It's better to have some idea of how contractions feel like so you don't go 'ohmygawd fpfftbkzxtkl!!!' (you get the drift) on the day you're in labour. Sort of easing your way through rather than jumping into the pool.

So yes. Epidural. Everything in the labour room is now much calmer. Even the husband.

How they inject epidural?  With a massive 'currently occupied' belly, you must curl up as much as possible and stay still while an Anaesthesian injects at your lower back. The contractions were pretty painful so I honestly couldn't feel much of the jab.
Got the epidural in the morning and happily gave birth 5 hours later. Heee.

Due to the epidural I can't really feel my contractions (yeay), the nurse had to put her hands on my belly and feel for me. She will monitor the frequency between contractions. When the frequency between contractions becomes closer, thats when Bubba is on his way out. Yes. Another life. Coming out. From my body. Pretty amazing.

Now the nurse teaches me how to push. Everytime she feels a contraction, she says PUSH. Push like your life depends on it.

thatskinnyelephantI remember my man came to the side to hold my hand. I didn't think it was a good idea, because I would have fractured his fingers. I used the metal bed frame instead. Yup. Save the mans hands alright.

So we practised pushing for about 20 minutes and I heard 'ok I see his head now'. I was like what..already? I thought this was practise!! My husband was ecstatic and anxious at the same time, we both were.
HOmgawd. Bubba is comingggggg, Pushhhh!
I got excited. My head was about to blow from the pressure of pushing, cause I can't feel him coming out.
Doctor finally came in, all scrubbed up. I swear he is the most patient and gentle obstetrician I have met.

'Okay Shereena, give it your best push' he said. A few more huffs and puffs and at last, I heard the most magical cry.

Bubba is here. In my arms. Our baby boy.

Kisses of joy from That Skinny Elephant.