Thursday, 2 October 2014


Bubba has two teeth on its way up up up!
My breastfeeding journey is at a whole new level now. Whatever you are thinking, my sentiments exactly.

When Bubba turned 6 months, breastmilk is still his primary meal. I introduced solids as a complementary meal to encourage the exploration of tastes and textures.

No he did not eat much, or any in fact. Tried sweet potato, banana, pear and avocado, all pureèd. To be honest, I had this whole vision pictured out that he will eat a few spoons and we will all be merry. But nope.

Im just wondering, could it be because he was teething or simply not ready? Either way, I shall wait. Wait for his cue.

Even after researching, I did get worried, because his weight was stagnant.
Soooo I had a word with Ms Babyclopedia, my sis in law (my brother's wife). Heh.
What she said was simple. She reminded me 'food before one is just for fun!'.
I couldn't agree more.

Those days were different though. Old folks be like if a baby is looking at you while you are eating or tries to grab your food, means he is ready for solids.
Wrong (from my experience).
If that was true, Bubba will be eating solids at 3/4 months. Which kind of explains why some parents feed their babies by  the 6th week.

Babies will look and grab anything. They are curious!

I'm not a doctor or a lactation consultant but after doing a little online googlin' and inputs from Bubba's pediatrician, I feel it is wise to pro long the introduction of solids.

Why I choose to wait?
1. Digestive system is still maturing.
2. Babies will be able to indicate when they are full by moving their head away and/or using hand gestures as they are much more steady.
3. May interrupt efficient iron absorbtion.
4. May trigger allergies.
5. Keeps moms milk coming and may lower risks of pregnancy.
6. Has better control in swallowing

Here are some links that provides thorough explanation:

I have received numerous advice from ladies telling me to try feeding Bubba some sort of cereal at night. Apparently it will help him sleep through the night.
I take these advices openly, and appreciate it because they genuinely care.
Generally, that is what people think. Even me, before I learned about introducing solids of course. Matter of fact is that cereal is not as nutritious as milk(breastmilk/formula).I would rather wake up, again and again...and again.

Today at 7 months plus, Bubba went for it. He went towards the spoon!!!! Hooomygah!!
I swear I was so excited that I had to pause for awhile to understand that he is finally ready.

 The solids experiment begins. Boy oh boy, it's going to get messy and exciting!
If you'd like to follow me on this journey, the following are the links to Bubs month by month meals:

6th Month
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Enjoy the read!

Kisses of mashed bananas from That Skinny Elephant.

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