Monday, 3 November 2014

Nutella, my Quickie

It was 2130 hours.
Dishes, laundry, dinner done.
Time to sit back,  relax and join the man and Bubs for a movie.

Haha. Who am I kidding.

Time for dessert people!

My sis in law is the best. Spent halloween at her place and had the most amazing simplest simplest dessert that she whipped up in minutes!

Okay I'm exaggerating on the 'whipped up in minutes' part, but it was still pretty quick. I should re-phrase, a dessert that required the least amount of work and ingredients. Yeap that's better.

I made sure I added the ingredients required on my groceries list this morning. Well it was just one thing really, Puff pastry squares. 
Oh plus a jar of Nutella. I bought it a few days ago..but well, it doesn't last very long in my lil home. Heh.

So you my dear friends, have to try this out. JUST DO IT. hah!

First here are the ingredients. Really. That's it.
Yes the pic is not proper, I'll fix it later. Too hyped up now.

Turn that oven on. 180 C or follow the instructions on your puff pastry.

Cut into squares. Size? Up to you hun!

Butter that muffin/cupcake tray.

Place pastry on tray and gently press the middle down.

Add sliced bananas onto the pastry.

Drop a teaspoon of happiness (Obviously I'm talking about Nutella! tee hee) in it.

I felt a little creative so I shaped a few into mini wantons. The result? Will have a look shortly.

Bake it for about 10-15 minutes or till the pastry turn golden brown.

Now, the best part. Eat it! 
I love mine with a glass of fresh milk.

And of course not forgetting the help from my Sous-Chef Bubs.

p/s: That shaped pastry turned out looking like a fat wanton! haha!

Enjoy that sweet thang.

Kisses of Nutella from That Skinny Elephant.

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