Sunday, 2 November 2014

Solids - Bubba's 7th Month

Puree combination month!
Its all about mixing it up.

Annnnnnd we've discovered Bubba's favourite fruit, Golden Kiwis!

Bubba is much more acceptable to the idea of solids and spoons this month. So that means he is finally eating, yay!!

In my previous post, I've mentioned that he liked the taste of bananas. So instead of giving him a single fruit puree, we mix in some bananas.
He's not such a big fan of sweet potatoes and pumpkin puree, but after lining the spoon with banana, he ate more than usual. Yes, we are tricking him just a little bit and it works! Tee hee.

During one of our baby store visits, I came across the most ingenious tool, Kidsme food feeder! Bubba loves chewing on it. Just stuff a fruit in it, and walla, chomp chomp time!

Fruits I've put in ;
  • Bananas
  • Plums
  • Avocado

Best part about it, no need for steaming or cooking, just good ol' fresh fruits.

Now the Purees, I pretty much started combining fruits and vegetables that he had tried previously and introduced some new fruits.
The following are his 7th month solids menu :

  • Pumpkin Puree + Mashed Banana


  • Pear Puree + Mashed Banana

  • Mashed Avocado + Banana

  • Golden Kiwi
This was his first time tasting Golden Kiwis, he sure did love it! Thanks to my Ms Babyclopedia (Sis-In-Law), for the suggestion!
Green Kiwis are tart and may be too sour for Bubs to handle. Golden Kiwis on the other hand are sweet. Among other benefits, kiwi fruits are a great source of vitamin C and potassium.

When introducing a new type of food, I like to let him get a feel of what he's having. Before doing that I have got to mentally prepare myself for the aftermath. Refer to picture below, lol!



  • Purple carrot puree + Mashed Banana

I still feed him once a day because he'd just started familiarizing himself with the idea of eating and chewing. Occasionally I stuff a fruit into the food feeder and let him chew on it in the mornings.
I want milk to be his primary source of food hence will continue with once a day meals for now.

Today we have stepped into Bubba's 8th month. He really is comfortable with solids now, even gets excited, tee hee!

So till the next post, (I'm thinking homemade brown rice cereal :D ), I'm sending all the sweet momma's a whole load of tissues, baby wipes and a mop! Meal times has just got even messier, haha!

Kisses of mushy pumpkins from That Skinny Elephant.

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