Friday, 3 July 2015

1st Stay At Home Mummyversary

A wonderful year has flown past since I left my job. 
I came across this post on my Facebook a few days ago and I thought to myself, what a blessing.

As much as I felt that I kind of lost myself half way through being a stay at home parent, I will do it all over again, haha!

When bubs turned 3 months old, I took over the care of my son. Bless my mother who cared for him day in and day out when I was working. I know it's cliché to say I don't know what I'd do without my mother, but really I don't. She sacrifices so much, too much sometimes.

I love you mum.

My life turned upside down inside out after becoming a homemaker, in a good way. 

Most of my time is spent in the kitchen. Chop, rinse, wash, cook, clean, organize, preps, marinate...the list goes on.
I even got to bake again.
The last time I baked a cake was when I was 19 perhaps, lol.
I'd love to spend more time experimenting with different recipes however that's not possible yet because the little one gets my full attention first. 

I plan my time around Bubs.

There was once when I had to leave him for a few hours. Separation anxiety made me a little crazy. The only way for me to focus is if my husband or my mum updates me consistently. With pictures. I need to see pictures! 

When I came back, he immediately hugged me so tight, I wished I didn't have to leave him again.
Maybe I'm just too sentimental because his father was like Bubs was really fine. 

My hormones are all over the place man.

Now it's different with Bubs. After I returned home from a long day out, there was no running to me or any drama of that sort.
The boy was chilling in his chair, snacking on blueberries and baby talking to his grandmother. 
I wasn't sure how to react to this big boy at first. Then I realized, wow, he has grown.

Maybe now I can make that 4 hour spa appointments hey? 
I used to feel a little too guilty going for a spa. The husband works and I work at home.

He gets an income every month, I didn't.
He gets his time outs, lunch breaks, I don't.

However I have come to a realization that this is how it is for now. No one told me to resign and be a stay at home parent. It was my decision which he supported wholeheartedly.

It is a big responsibility for man to carry upon his shoulders in providing for his family with the monthly income coming only from him.
To be honest, I do know how stressful his job can get but I too need a break. When he is home, I expected him to care for Bubs straight away because I felt that he did have a break at work, whereas I did not. 
I continue with dinner and clearing up even after he is home.

But that's not quite fair yea?

The poor guy must be pretty exhausted too.

It was super challenging for the both of us. We hardly had time for ourselves and both of us kept believing that one of us needs more of a break than the other.

Well we were both tired. Both of us needed to chill.
We just had to find a way to compromise, be patient and hang on. 
Marcus' Onederful Birthday 

Give a little, take a little. 

Today after a year, I really need babysitter.

Kidding!! Tee hee.

We are grateful for every bit of time spent with Bubs. I am not sure how long I'll be a stay at home parent for, I'm just going with the flow really.

With the current economy looking pretty scary, I'll probably won't be able to buy anymore shoes, haha!

I'm happy where I'm at and excited with where I'm going. I am forever grateful for this wonderful privilege of being able to watch over my boy.
I'll shall keep chasing my dreams together with Bubs, husband by my side and my dear family's continuous support.

Yes, it's possible.

On my first draft, this was actually the end of this post. But I thought I'll add just a little more because I simply felt like it.

I want to type out the differences of what I was before pregnancy and what I am today, a stay at home parent. Yea, a before and after thing so I can look back years later and laugh my bum off.

The songs I had in my head were some pretty cool adult songs.

The wheels on the bus go round and round *on repeat*
It's on some high pitched note even when I sing it in my head.

Pretty organized and careful I'd say. I do get a little clumsy once in awhile but nothing major. Except that one time I spilled a glass of champagne on a business class passenger. Yep.

CLUMSY. Forgetful and kinda all over the place. Every time I arrange something, my dear Bubs feels the need to rearrange. 
Right. You get the drift.

Walked a lot. A beginner in Ashtanga yoga which I enjoyed so much. 

Screw that. I need sleep.
Can't even touch my toes. pffft. 

I am generally a quiet person who enjoyed one to one conversations.

I have conversation with toddlers.

I take my time to eat. My plate is well organized and neat. I chew.

Ohmygawd. I have no idea what is going on my plate and in my mouth. 

Ah the joy of parenthood.

Kisses of gratefulness from That Skinny Elephant.

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  1. Time spent with your Bubs in invaluable. They grow up too quickly!
    I have my 3rd child now who is 9 months old and i work from home and it feels great to be able to be home with the kids especially during their tender years. Unlike you, I have a helper to help me because I need to be able to concentrate on my work as well.
    Happy Mummyversary!