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Ange Dispensing Spoon at Keiko's Store

Have you heard of Ange? 

I didn't.
Yea case of a katak di bawah tempurung here.

Until a few months ago when I was in Happikiddo where Keiko introduced to some of her products she supplies to them.

Keiko's Store
Thank goodness for social interactions, yay!

Ange is a sub brand of Takos, a baby safety specialist since 1992 based in Busan, Korea. They claim to produce fun and safe baby products bearing in mind convenience for parents.

So let's see.

I'd like to share my thoughts on the dispensing spoon.

Yes I know, it has a close resemblance to Boon Squirt Spoon, which I am more than happy to do a little comparison in the future.

Here's the little bulb. Looks like a chubby carrot. Our bunny like baby would totally dig this. Hehe
I just had to put a carrot next to it
Sorry, I like to laugh at my own jokes. Since I have the pleasure to type in my blog, I shall share my lame jokes here because, ... I can.
Thank you for your patience.
Plus it's past midnight, It's personify my blog time,


About this chubby spoon, I must say it's pretty cool.
Ange Jjayo Dispensing Spoon
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Puree Bubs meals and pop it in the tube.
Squeeze and serve.

Really, that's it.

Besides the fact that while squeezing the puree out (especially when the contents gets less), you might just squirt right into Bubs face, or yours, (HAHA) it's great to use it on the go.

Golden Kiwi puree

I wished I had these earlier when Bubs was starting his solids, it would have save a whole lot of time cleaning up. However I would not use a dispensing spoon on a daily basis because I believe it's important for Bubs to hold his own spoon and mimic the movement of feeding himself by watching us eat together.
Hence I mentioned its a superb idea for on-the-go feeds and when you had enough of cleaning on that one day.

Since Bubs has passed the puree foods stage, I thought I'll mash in his favorite avocado and banana into the dispensing spoon and give it a go. 

Comes out pretty nicely, be sure to mash it till its fine.

Next I tried it with some good ol' golden kiwi. Works as good and the cap holds in the juice pretty well.

If I were to use this for Bubs, I would have probably used it when he was around 8 months plus. Not so much in the beginning because I'd prefer a softer tip. Other than that, I simply love the idea of mess free table sessions  and it so easy to use.

Cleaning is a breeze too. I used a straw brush to gently clean the little tube where the puree comes through.

A little more about Ange dispensing spoon from the manufacturer ;

- Dispenses baby food one bite at a time
- Convenient one-handed feeding
- Includes cap for storage
- Large easy-to-clean bulb holds up to 90 ml of baby food
- Great for on-the-go
- Made in Korea
- BPA-Free & Free from toxic materials
- Can be sterilized

I like the fact that it can be sterilized, it's so important that baby utensils are kept clean all the time. It is always a good idea to separate baby utensils from the regular dishware
 (including chopping boards) to avoid any chance of food contamination.

Besides the dispensing spoon, Ange has a variety of bpa-free teethers, shampoo caps, mutlipurpose locks, door stoppers etc.

Ange Banana teether
Photo credit:
To learn more about Keiko's Store and her products, be sure to follow her on Facebook for the latest updates.
Along with other goodies Keiko's Store has, Ange products are available for purchase online or at the following stores;
2. Camomile Spring in Bangsar Village II 
3. Baby Land in SS2
4. Chubby Chubby in Desa ParkCity

It's quite fun watching Bubs trying to figure out this chubby spoon. I guess he thought it'll be a good idea cooking it cause it ended up in his little frying pan.

Dear Keiko, thank you as always :)

Kisses of mushy golden kiwi from That Skinny Elephant.

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