Sunday, 12 July 2015


I remembered this young low self esteemed girl in high school who often seeked validation.
I'm happy to say that she is now evolving into a confident woman, finally, haha!
Blessed for her supportive family and loved ones, wonderful soulies (my best friends), her travels, an inspiring little man and most importantly, her choice to change.

She chose to change.

It's one thing to have all the support on your side but none of it will work if
You don't allow yourself to grow

You feel your dreams are so out of reach that you don't even feel like setting goals towards to it.

Your mind is in living in the past

You blame everything for your downfalls, from the stars to the moon to yourself

You are battling with skeletons in your closet

You constantly feel insignificant

You are not embracing the good

The list can really go on but why should it.
I am choosing to empower.
It has been almost a year now that I've been blogging. All I wanted to do was write about my transition into a mother who is trying to avoid cereal for her son, haha!

With growth, we evolve and so is this blog.

I was given the opportunity to write about a store launch in April 2015.
Happikiddo was my very first event, I felt truly inspired at the ceremony.

Inspired to keep doing what I'm doing.
Little did I know that people actually read my stuff!
It helped them in their little ones adventure of weaning.

Along the way I started receiving messages from mothers thanking me for putting out there what they really feel.
They could relate.

Oh boy was I elated!!

One thing that caught my attention in the event was how Elaine, Happikiddo's Founder, was giving her speech with her two lovely daughters.

Isn't that just wonderful? 

I know I've said it before, but there's no other way for me to put it without the word wonderful in it. Doing your own thing with your kids around. I'd love to see more of that. A family friendly work environment.

It got me thinking, I should use my blog as a platform to empower the masses, especially parentpreneurs, to give their dreams a chase. Be it to spend more time with the kids or to share with the world about your passion. What ever the reason may be that empowered you to take the plunge.

Doesn't every cell in your body feel revitalised when you burst that spark into flames.

Recently I attended another event that spoke of confidence. Honestly it was just what I needed to hear to get into my little project in full gear. 

Basically, I stopped questioning myself so much and I'm using all that energy to trust my thoughts a little more. 

That Skinny Elephant Empower project begins.
In short I'm going to hashtag it to #tseempower because I am pretty hooked on Instagram haha!

I want to share stories of mothers, fathers, young adults, even kids (oh boy you are going to love that one) on their journey of chasing their rainbows.

I'm not sure how I'm going to this while being a homemaker, stay at home mother and a blogger, but I am going to do it because it has been in my head for months and I have got to penned it.


Tee hee.

My sister told me that we all inspire someone, we just don't know who. Everyone one of us is an inspiration to somebody out there. 

We are significant.

I will be kick starting this project of mine in August onwards. I hope to feature a dream chaser once a month. 
Twice if Bubs has longer naps, heee.

Super stoked. 

Bubs really makes me alive everyday. Something about this little man drives me. 
And this blog of mine, pushes me to create, move, share, and learn daily.
My Idols, Mum and Bubs Troy
I am looking forward to getting in touch with many of you through my blog.

Grow with me.

I hope to empower you with people we can all relate too.

Thank you lovely readers, you really got me chasing my little rainbow too.

Empowered kisses from That Skinny Elephant

P/s: If you would like to be part of #tseEmpower, feel free to drop me a message at

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